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Sail Boats


How many Zepp Sticks will I need?

The number of Zepp Sticks you’ll need depends on the length of your sailboat’s boom. In general, we recommend spacing the Zepp Sticks about 4 feet apart on the boom. The Zepp Sticks need to be spaced out along the boom so that there is enough room to fold them back onto the boom when sailing. Two to four Zepp Sticks will do the job for most 20- to 40-foot sailboats.


Are Zepp Sticks available in lengths other than 4 feet?

Yes, Zepp Sticks can be made in other lengths. The guideline for each Zepp Stick’s length is: 2x distance between mainsail’s mast track slugs, plus 2–6 inches extra.


What are Zepp Sticks made of?

Fiberglass, carbon fiber tubing, and stainless steel.


How are Zepp Sticks installed?

Zepp Sticks fasten to the boom with a simple, adjustable, and secure clamping system that works with a variety of arrangements found on different types of sailboat booms. Zepp Sticks generally do not require drilling, tapping, or adding fittings to the boom.


Do Zepp Sticks impact the design or use of the mainsail?

No. Zepp Sticks are installed independent of the mainsail. Therefore, a mainsail can be designed for full sailing efficiency without the performance compromises or limitations required to accommodate complicated and expensive furling systems already on the market.


Will Zepp Sticks get in my way when I am sailing?

No. Zepp Sticks’ low profile allows them to be stowed in place or removed while underway so as not to interfere with adjustments to the mainsail’s shape, allowing for maximum performance.


Do I need to have a new mainsail cover made if I use Zepp Sticks?

No. Zepp Sticks’ design gives sailboat owners the flexibility to stow their mainsails as they wish. Some may prefer to continue stowing their mainsail in the traditional manner with the sail secured with sail ties to the boom.

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