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Catch a Sail ~ Shade the Sun


Zepp Sticks     is an innovative and cost-effective system for furling and stowing a sailboat's mainsail. The system is simple, lightweight, easy to use, and reliable.


Zepp Sticks are designed to be independent of the mainsail, allowing you to have full sailing efficiency without the performance compromises or limitations of other complicated and expensive furling systems.


Zepp Sticks’ unique design provides dual functionality that makes sailing a breeze.

Catch 1.jpg


Sailing with Zepp Sticks is easy — they fold neatly in stow position on the boom. When it’s time to lower the mainsail, just swing out the Zepp Sticks and raise and extend the Gathering Arms. The Gathering Arms can be folded over the furled mainsail to secure it.

Shade 1.jpg


Zepp Sticks can also be used as the framework for a cover to shade your boat from the sun. You can stretch the mainsail cover over the framework or work with your local canvas shop to create a design that works best on your boat.

zepp installed  10.jpg


Zepp Sticks fasten to the boom sail track with a simple, adjustable, and secure removable clamping system.

Hoist 1.jpg


With Zepp Sticks there are no lines or jacks for a hoisted mainsail to foul on, and no complicated mechanical systems of gears and wires to jam or break.

Stow 1.jpg


Zepp Sticks allow for multiple options in stowing and covering the mainsail, including a traditional mainsail cover.



Eric L. Eschen, the developer of Zepp Sticks, went to sea as a professional mariner for 45 years. He retired as Master of a U.S. Flag Container Ship.


Eric conceived and developed Zepp Sticks while sailing Zephyr, the family’s J-40 sailboat on San Francisco Bay. The J-40’s large mainsail and often shorthanded crewing of the boat inspired Eric to develop a better method of handling the furling and folding of the mainsail.


The Zepp Sticks’ Shade the Sun configuration was developed during hot summer vacations spent sailing and anchoring in the Sacramento/San Joaquin River Delta in California.


The name “Zepp Sticks” was chosen by Eric’s 9-year old daughter in honor of the family sailboat, Zephyr.

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