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Sail Boats


At the outset of a voyage, Owner/Operator should provide crew and guests with an orientation and awareness of boating safety, whether for a short day-sail or a longer outing on the water.


Owner/Operator should discuss and assess crew and guest capability, experience, and comfort with being on a vessel. Expectations of the voyage, including weather, of the vessel, and of crew and guests should be part of the information exchange.


​Information about use and location of lifesaving, firefighting, emergency, and personal safety equipment (PSE) should also be included in the orientation.


​Zepp Sticks® Orientation Protocols

Owner/Operator of the vessel fitted with Zepp Sticks should consider the following, as applicable, in the orientation:


  1. Zepp Sticks are a new device and even experienced crew may be unfamiliar with Zepp Sticks.

  2. When deployed, Zepp Sticks extend out perpendicularly from the boom. The portion extending out may represent a potential safety hazard. As such, crew and guests must be informed before Zepp Sticks are deployed and must be made aware of the portion extending out perpendicularly from the boom. Crew and guests should be encouraged to stay below the level of the boom and Zepp Sticks when moving about on deck. PSE should be made available.

  3. The Tip and Butt ends of the Zepp Sticks’ Gathering Arms are a bright visible color. However, depending on circumstances, when deployed it may be the best practice to fit Zepp Sticks’ ends with soft guards.

  4. When Zepp Sticks are deployed the mainsail and boom should be sheeted in so as not to flog in the wind.

  5. When Zepp Sticks are used in Shade the Sun configuration the ends need to be rigged with tie down lines as shown on the Shade the Sun page. Depending on configuration, size of the sun shade, and number of Zepp Sticks used if the wind freshens or is expected to freshen it is prudent to take extra securing precautions and/or remove the sun shade.  

  6. Zepp Sticks should only be used for their intended purposes as described on the Zepp Sticks Website.

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