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Zepp Sticks Select the Number you Need

Sailing with Zepp Sticks is easy — they fold neatly in stow position on the boom. When it’s time to lower the mainsail, just swing out the Zepp Sticks and raise and extend the Gathering Arms. After furling, secure mainsail by folding over Gathering Arms or using sail ties.


Each Zepp Stick is sold separately.

Zepp Sticks Select the Number you Need

SKU: ZS34210
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  • Zepp Sticks® is an innovative and cost-effective system for furling and stowing a sailboat’s mainsail. The system is simple, lightweight, easy to use, and reliable. They fasten to the boom sail track with an adjustable and secure removable clamping system.

    Each single Zepp Stick is complete and comes with installation hardware as described and shown in Parts & Installation.  Be sure to check our FAQs section or Contact Us for questions. 


    *How many Zepp Sticks will I need?


    The number of Zepp Sticks you’ll need depends on the length of your sailboat’s boom. In general, we recommend spacing the Zepp Sticks about 4 feet apart on the boom. The Zepp Sticks need to be spaced out along the boom so that there is enough room to fold them back onto the boom when sailing. Two to four Zepp Sticks will do the job for most 20- to 40-foot sailboats. Zepp Sticks are only available in 4 ft lengths.

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